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Welcome. At My China Sky Mall you can treat yourself

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Tai Chi Qigong 17
(DVD Mp4 & CD Mp3)

Qigong Meditation Relaxation
(DVD Mp4 & CD Mp3)

Make Money with Make Health

Become a Certified
Medical Qigong
Self-Healing Instructor

Health Trip to Beijing, China

Trip to Tibet, China
Learn Tibet mystery form in Beijing




                            Learning Qigong and Qi Healing System with Master Hao
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                      eBooks at Amazon as followings      

                   1, Chinese Medical Qigong    (Click for details)

                     2, Restoring Our Health With Chinese Qigong (Click for details)  

               3, RECEIVING THE REAL POWERS OF QIGONG (Click for details)  

               4, Chinese Massage Tuina Introduction(Click for details)  

                5, Receiving & Providing Qi Healing Therapy(Click for details)  

                             6, Chinese Medical Qigong Relaxation (Meditation for Self-Healing)(Click for details)  

                               7, Chinese Medical Qigong Self-Healing - Practicing Standing Form(Click for details)  

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                 8, Practical Qigong Philosophy – A guide to a happy and healthy life(Click for details)  



Our Mission

To enrich lives with health and beauty.

With years of Qi Healing experience and research in China and America, through association with prominent institutions and practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine, and through wholesalers and retailers of quality products, My China Sky Mall brings China’s renowned healing and health opportunities and items of exceptional beauty to the western world with offers designed to accommodate today’s lifestyles and promote enjoyment.


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